kau beri satu

kubalas dua

kau pinta tiga

kubalas lima

ini bukan deret bilangan prima

hanya memberi lebih dari yg diminta

3 thoughts on “l3b!h

  1. hi…
    do u remember me?

    i really like to see this blog. all the words mostly like a “sastrawan”. sometime’s like a poems and in other time like a thought words. maybe it’s a simple word but it really explain a best meaning.

    it makes me remember my friend.
    He went to Jakarta for a better job. He just give a “folosophi kopi” book to me, and i give him a “half full and half empty” book.

    and now i really like sastra, it can make me have so many different ways to see a problem, so that i can choose a best way to solve the problem.

    maybe u can tell me whaat should i read???

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